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This was my first big project. The client wanted me to build a force-directed node graph that displayed the links between various datasets produced from a list of artists and artwork, selectable through a filter. A sidebar would display more in-depth information about each selected filter. This was such a fun project to work on!


Gatsby Portfolio

I had started learning about Gatsby.js back in April of last year. I had ran through most of John Smilga's Gatsby Udemy course and had built a dummy portfolio site. Over time, I tweaked a few things and added my own style and content. I'm planning on completely redesigning this portfolio, but until that day comes, here are the results. Enjoy!


Countdown Timer

This project involved designing a countdown timer in Figma, then developing it in React.js. The site is hosted on Google Firebase and uses Google Firestore as it's database. Is a database a bit overkill for a countdown app? Maybe. But it was a lot of fun and got me learning quite a lot about React, Firebase and Firestore, as well as some design concepts such as responsiveness and layout. And it looks cool!

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Data Visualization in D3.js

This project was a D3.js learning experience. The idea was to build a force directed graph as a proof-of-concept to a potential client. The learning curve was steep and the walls I hit were a-plenty. I learned about data-joins, the various D3 methods and packages (force, drag, selection, etc). My understanding of D3.js is now much more clear. I hope to work with this library again soon!


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