About Me

My career in IT began around 2006 when I worked for Blizzard Entertainment as a Game Master. I quickly got burnt out from helpdesk support and started a new career in network cabling. I learned how to run and terminate CAT5e/CAT6 and fiber optic cable. I was at a crossroad of continuing down my path of construction or crawling my way up the OSI model. In 2010, I joined a small team of Network Engineers and learned a ton about computer hardware and software, as well as how to work with the businesses that utilized these systems. 4 years later, I moved on to another company to help them grow the network side of their business. After a couple years, I found that I yearned for programming and application design. I worked with a few small businesses to create basic websites while I furthered my career as a Network Engineer. After 5 years of that, I decided that it was time to stop tip-toeing in the coding waters and to finally dive in. I quit my Network Engineering position and devoted all my time towards brushing up on my Javascript and front-end chops. I continued working with some of my freelance clients to refactor and redesign their websites. My passions are in anything JavaScript. Right now, those passions happen to be React JS, Node JS, Gatsby JS and UI/UX. My goal is to eventually obtain a position as a Junior Web Developer. I'm excited for my future and the endless possibilities that my new career has in store.

JavaScriptHTMLCSSReact JSNode JSGatsby JSTailwindExpressMaterial UIBootstrapGitNetlifyGraphQLFigmaWindows Server TechnologiesWindows Powershell

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