Hello again!!!

Hello again!!!

Wrapping up my first huge project

Well, look at me breaking the silence of 2 months... It's been a wild ride producing an application for some awesome clients. It would seem that I cannot blog and work at the same time. Haha

Dirty Data???

Dirty Data in D3 is Decidedly Daft

"Chartreuse - the only liqueur so good they named a color after it"

Airtable and a successful client meeting

Bar Graphs!!!!

Bar graphs, beer and fibonacci numbers

Code and Music

More D3 studies, a little music making, and some React porting

Portfolio and project polishing

Making much progress with D3 and polishing up my portfolio. Good things are a-comin'

D3 seas

D3 fun and starting back at the rock climbing gym :)

many much progress

Here lies Albert. He was a little bit of a good job

horse heads and spirals

Fractal math, CSS, fears of failure, and a sprinkle of possibility


I studied Gatsby today by building a portfolio.

Resume happy fun times

I listened to one of my favorite CSS experts chat about their dev career and some of the things they faced when starting. It was very encouraging.

Ponderings and a plan

I met with the CNM recruiter, Esteban, He reviewed my resume and offered up a few suggestions.

Frustration turned triumph

I was studying up on Class-based components in React to understand lifecycle methods. I ran across a ton of free public APIs and found one that I really liked;

More design

I got a bit further with the Salcedo site design.

A moment to breath

Studied a bit of React. I'm having trouble understanding some advanced concepts such as custom hooks, when to create separate components, refs, etc.

Designing all the things

I designed the landing page for the Salcedo site. Betsy liked it! I was nervous that she may not have. All that self-doubt.... lol

A new client!!!

I landed my first gig today!

Design is dumb sometimes

Today was trying. Very trying. I did a bit of studying of CSS modules and implemented them in a small project. They seem suitable only for small projects...

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