Resume happy fun times

I listened to one of my favorite CSS experts chat about their dev career and some of the things they faced when starting. It was very encouraging.

I completely redesigned my resume using Figma. It turned out pretty nice after some feedback from my people. I've sent it off to a contact I was given from a programming friend. I think the contact is a recruiter. We'll see how that goes. It might just end up leading to something great. :)

I was contacted by Salcedo and was given confirmation to go ahead with designing and developing their site. We agreed upon a price as well. I'm way excited!

I've redeveloped this blog with Gatsby. It's something that I'm more familiar with and has built-in functionality with GraphQL. Should be some fun times.

I've also managed to obtain the domain name. With my resume out of the way, I can focus primarily on the Salcedo design and my portfolio design. Mucho design coming up.

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