Portfolio and Project Polishing

Today was spent on polishing up my portfolio and projects. I added some README files with screenshots and descriptions of the code for each project, then rewrote much of the content within the portfolio itself. It looks great so far! Now I just need to add a few more projects :)

Last night was an adventure into D3. I managed to create a force directed graph! It looks decent and should prove to be a nice proof-of-concept for a potential client. Here be the final result: ALL THE D3 THINGS!!!

Now we're just waiting to hear back from this client to schedule a sit down. I'm mucho excited!

And because I'm some sort of masochist, I decided to go back to the climbing gym again today. What a mistake that was. I'm pretty sure my finger ligaments are akin to frayed rubber bands. I need some sleep.

More tomorrow! (code...not climbing... )

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