Horse heads and spirals

I haven't wrote in this blog in a few days, maybe a week or so. But I have been productive and busy with the codings. I'm getting a lot more familiar with responsive design, various CSS concepts, Javascript, and Gatsby. I'm able to more quickly style pages the way I want. The CSS frustrations are subsiding. Now only if this could be true for Javascript. Wishful thinking?

I came across an interesting article tonight. DISCLAIMER: This probably should not be viewed before bed. It's a little mind-bending.

"You'll need this stuff in real life!", they say, oblivious to the enormity of this lie, to the fact that most of the educated population walks around with "vague memories of math class and clear memories of hating it."

I'm starting to form an idea of where I want my career to go in programming. I think I may want to delve into data visualization.

David Managed to talk to his people and possibly land me a paid gig designing a data visualization for an art museum's website/database. I'm excited for the opportunity, but also feeling a bit daunted by the prospect. No better way to learn, eh? I hope they reach out to us. This could be the opportunity that I've been waiting for.

Additionally, I've been waking up at 3:00 am or so every night, unable to fall back asleep until a couple hours have passed. My thoughts are composed of bits of code and attempts at understanding concepts that I'm struggling with; anxious episodes of self-doubt and fear of failure in my chosen career path. This is a difficult undertaking, but I'm not deterred. I will prevail. :)


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