D3 seas

Soooo.... D3 is pretty cool. The learning curve is a bit much, but I'm powering through it. I learned about the various selection and data methods, data joins, and even managed to create a basic force graph. I haven't heard anything back from my friend regarding the art people. I hope that doesn't fall through.

I also haven't heard back from Betsy regarding her site and the updated data that I requested a couple days ago. I've paused my work on that until I hear back from her.

It's basically a waiting game while I learn D3, React, Gatsby and more CSS. I know that I should probably stick to one, so maybe I'll continue my work in Gatsby and wrap up my Udemy tutorials.

In other news: I finally went back to the rock climbing gym today. That was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. But at least my membership is renewed. I can go whenever I want! Now it's time to rest up and sleep for a while.


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